About DUO

What is DUO?

DUO is Deaf United Organization. DUO is a non-profit 501c3 organization that is here to help the community grow in deaf awareness in Northwest Arkansas and surrounding regions.

DUO’s Mission

DUO exists to:

  • Educate for deaf and hearing individuals regarding deafness and its culture
  • Empower individuals and the community regarding deafness
  • Connect with others who understand the language in which we communicate.

What does DUO do?

DUO does:

  • Advocate Deaf services
  • Educate community and deaf individuals about technology available to them.
  • Engage community in deaf culture activities
  • Teach life skills to empower individuals


President – Ron Kennedy
Vice President – Rocky Watson
Secretary – Cory Sisk
Treasurer – Aaron Shaw

Board of Trustee – To Be Announced